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Storage Guide

To make storing your items efficient and easy we have developed this handy guide to help you organize and prepare.

1.Take a list of what you will be storing so the manager can help you accurately determine the storage space you need.

2. Make a plan for the unit and how your items will be arranged. Leave an aisle in the center for easy access to the rear if desired.

3. Leave a few inches in between your items and the wall for better ventilation

4. Label boxes on all sides. Keep a list that details contents

5. Store frequently used items near the front. Gather the things you are least likely to need during the time you are storing your belongings. Place these things in the room first. Also pack valuables near the rear.

6. Books-pack them flat, not standing on end, don’t pack to many in one box and don’t mix them with fragile items.

7. Lawn Mowers- drain gasoline & oil form all small engines

8. Mirror & Pictures – large works should be stored in specially large boxes. Smaller pictures can be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper and stored in boxes with clothing or bedding.

9. Mattresses- protect with specially designed plastic covers.

10. Furniture/Tables/Bed frames- remove legs & disassemble to conserve storage space. Wrap with furniture pads to protect during moving process. Wrap legs together with packing paper and if possible, tape them to the protective wrap around the corresponding item.


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