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Packing Tips

Helpful hints on packing and storing your items at Battle Ground Mini Storage.

You should begin packing a couple of weeks prior to storing your items. Take the time to carefully pack your items to prevent damage during transportation and storage. Use study boxes, properly sealed and clearly marked for small items. Bigger items such as appliances and furniture should be covered in plastic for protection.

Heavy Furniture:

For heavy furniture such as sofas and mattresses, we recommend placing a plastic sheet on the floor and then standing these items on end. You’ll want to keep upholstery off the floor by laying a protective barrier beneath it, cover it in light cotton linens to protect from dust. Use available space in drawers to store small fragile items. Cover large items such as dressers in plastic or blankets and make use of available space by stacking lightweight boxes on top. Stack lightweight chairs seat-to-seat.

Clothing and Cloth:

Clothing, linens, curtains and drapes should be stored in wardrobe boxes.  You can make use of dressers drawers by storing clothing within them as well. Make sure that all cloth items are cleaned before they are stored.

Dishes and Glassware:

Dishes and glassware should be packing in specifically designed boxes for maximum protections. Wrap glass items individually, nest cups and bowls laying paper between each one. Wrap plates individually and stack. Place heavier items such as plates and bowls on the bottom of boxes and lighter items such as glasses on top. Make sure that you fill the remaining space of the box with packing material to keep items in place. Label your box clearly and do not stack anything on top of the packed box.

Large Appliances:

Refrigerators and freezers should be empty, defrosted, cleaned and dried prior to storage. Keep door slightly ajar once stored. Make sure that other appliances such as stoves, washers and dryers are thoroughly cleaned and dry. Lightweight boxes can be stored on top of large appliance to maximize space within the unit.


Pack books flat in boxes using packing materials to fill empty space. Do not over-pack book boxes, in generally each box should not weigh more than 30 pounds. Avoid packing anything fragile with books. Do prevent moisture absorption, do not stack book boxes directly on the floor.

Holiday Decorations:

Pack your holiday decorations in original cartons or decoration crates designed for such a purpose. Wrap ornaments individually and place in their own box marked fragile. Wrap string lights around a piece of cardboard to prevent tangling and then wrap in packing paper to avoid breakage. Be sure to keep holiday boxes accessible as you may want to retrieve them throughout the year.

Lamps & Mirrors:

Remove lamp shades from lamps, tie up cords and wrap base in packing paper. Delicate lamp shades should be packed in a separate box. Do not wrap lamp shades in newspaper as the ink can bleed onto the shade, instead us packing paper. Remember to mark these boxes as ‘fragile’ and store on top.

Insure Your Goods:

Battle Ground Mini Storage does not insure your items, you have sole responsibilities of the items you store in your unit. To ensure the safety and security of your items a quality lock is required for your unit. You can speak with your insurance agent about personal coverage for your stored items.

Prohibited Storage Goods:

Never store live animals, liquids, explosives, flammables, fuels, toxic materials or perishables in your unit. Remember to drain any fuel and liquids from motorized items prior to storage.


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